City 616

Community Made Real

City 616 is dedicated the promoting friendship, relationships and community within the city of Greensboro, NC. We do this through vital communications and relationships developed through our many activities. 

City 616 began as a dream, a hope and a prayer.  It has now developed into "Community Made Real."

We are a nonprofit in Greensboro, NC seeking to bring a sense of belonging and community to the city. We plan to do this in a variety of ways, including Greensboro Grub, performance, tutoring through PAPA, and our ground floor coffee shop, PB+J.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves... and you! Let's just explain it this way. We are creating a Hub in the downtown area of Greensboro, NC. This Hub has many spokes but all the spokes lead to the center, which is Community, Relationships and Family. Everything we do in each of the spokes points to the central purpose of our existence: a loving, peaceful community.  

See to the right for a bit more detail on each of the spokes.  See below for more overview and City 616's current ongoings.

Community building is at the heart of everything City 616 does. Current programs include a monthly community dinner (called Greensboro Grub) and theater workshops put on in conjunction with local schools and the Boys and Girls Club (PAPA). City 616 currently has a 50-seat theater that has hosted local numerous artists as well as community theater productions, giving special focus to collaborations and productions that have inter-racial casts and crew.

City 616 is currently in a stage of great expansion and renovation.  Most programs have been taking place on the third floor; however, the space is proving insufficient to meet program needs. The organization is making plans to renovate the first floor of the building to include a larger theater for use by City 616 and community productions (SIPS), as well as a coffee shop (PB+Java) to generate revenue for additional programs.