About Us

Our mission

To bring the diversity of our city together for the
advancement of community through
the arts, education, and service.

The Gift

We hope our presence in Greensboro will be a gift to all who find their way to our door. Whatever culture, class, or creed, all are welcome here. Leave nothing but fear of rejection at the entrance. Our goal is to give in the same manner in which we aim to receive - freely. 

The table is set

That all who come may find a place

To rest weary feet

What We Do

There is so much in the world that tears away at the dignity of those who do not fit in.  Those on the margins are often avoided and overlooked. In situations where they are the focus - the soup kitchen line, the hospital , or the street corner - they are looked upon in ways that reinforce the shame in being set apart from everyone else. They must resign themselves to eat food few want to eat in places few would voluntarily go, and participate only in conversations that impress upon them their smallness, their weakness, their vulnerability and their need. 

Because we are aware of this reality we operate according to a Gift economy. We invite others into relationship through the gift of genuine hospitality and this generosity is reciprocated by our guests. Everything possible, from the items on the menu in our coffee shop, to the performances which we invite people to experience, to the large community meals (Grubs), are open to all regardless of what they pay. In response, those who believe in the vision of this place give what they can. The widow gives her mite, the rich man his share.

What this does for the marginalized should be clear. For the first time we are able to sit alongside one another without attention being drawn to our class.

All share a common table here. 

"Come, you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost."

The Arts

For over 20 years Charlie and Ruth traveled the world performing redemptive plays under the theatrical name "Peculiar People". Since coming to Greensboro, they have produced an annual Christmas Show, and will put on regular performances of their material throughout the year. There will also be productions given by the Art House Fellows. To see what's going on click Here.

PB & Java

PB & Java is a coffee shop, event space, and lunch destination connected to City 616. The vision for PB & Java is an extension of the vision of City 616 as a whole. We hope to be a place where all feel welcome. As such, all our goods are offered on a "pay what you can" basis. The shop's livelihood is dependent upon those who can contribute giving generously. However, no-one will be turned away. As we freely receive, we freely give. 

Greensboro Grub & The Grub Club

Each week, Charlie and Ruth invite between 40 and 70 people into their space for a night filled with homemade food and hearty drink. There is time for feasting, fellowship, and talent sharing. Any guest is encouraged to share, for as G.K. Chesterton rightly says, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing badly. (For) How many of us have banished drawing, painting, dancing or singing from our lives for fear of not doing it well? If a thing is worth doing then it is worth doing for the joy of it." 

Art House Fellows

The Art House Fellowship seeks to help young artists and scholars deepen their faith in Christ and thereby deepen their capacity to communicate truth through creative expression. With this goal in mind, the program will provide time and space for fellows to engage in purposeful creative play, while balancing the communal, spiritual, vocational, and intellectual aspects of life.

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